Friday, March 3, 2017

Kirk's SF Peninsula & Waddell Poop Report for Wind and Kite Surfers 3-3-17

Latest Poop Report on San Francisco Peninsula and Waddell Beach Water Quality.
This report tracks results of weekly water quality reports that are of interest to windsurfers, kite boarders, regular surfers and anyone else who enjoys water sports where you are in the water.
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The San Mateo data comes from "San Mateo County Environmental Health - Beach and Creek Water Quality Monitoring Results" posted here.
The Waddell Creek Beach data comes from "Santa Cruz County Water Quality Reports" posted here.
The goal is to have a record of how "clean" or "safe" our beaches are for our sports during the days following major rain events.
If there is interest for me to expand these reports or add more information, then please post that in the comments

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  1. Poop Report Update for today.... All San Mateo Sites except for Coyote Point hit what seems to be the maximum "poop" level reading for total TC = Total Coliform of 24,196. The max weekly reading is 10,000 and the max 5-week mean is 1,000 so these are "shitty numbers" since my guess is most were higher but 24,196 is the highest I've seen since I started to track this. Coyote Point's readings went up, but not enough to reach the warning levels... maybe because the sewage from San Jose flooding hasn't quite reached where they take the sample.


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