Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Coyote Point Update

#1  Heads-up! The Tour de Peninsula (TDP) bike ride is Sunday August 3 and 1,300 riders will be coming back into Coyote Point from Airport Rd via the bike path between 10 & 3 pm..
  • I expect Palo Alto and Third Ave to be extra crowded with windsurfers avoiding the TDP at Coyote
#2  Ramp Repair: (see attached images)

  • Three ramps are closed for two weeks while they replace the blocks with blocks without holes, fix the grade and add some padded mats.
    • Take the 2 wk estimate with a grain of cyanide.  This is the same construction crew that made a mess of a rather simple job with clear drawings.
  • Kipps Zygarewicz (Boardsports manager) says the work should be done in two weeks and they will fix the beach by removing the big rocks where we used to have sand.
  • SANDBAGS! ASAP: Bring a wheelbarrow or hand truck to "liberate" the sand bags to improve and expand our upper ramp outside the project to handle the extra weekend traffic while the ramps are closed.  If you only have time to help for a few minutes, move a bag from the ramps to our upwind sandbag ramp.

Click for full size images

Upper "home made" ramp outside park project

We also need to clear small rocks at the base of the ramp during low tides. All help is appreciated.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

King Tide at Palo Alto Baylands - 2013

Tides for today according to Calaveras Point, west of, San Francisco Bay, California

Jack and I verified that the tide was fairly accurate as sticks in the water at the sailing station were visibly moving back towards the Bay about ten minutes past eleven.

Here are photos taken with my Nikon D60:

These next photos were taken with my 3 year old MyTouch 4G smart phone.