Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Team Red Bull Photo Shoot Maui

Kai Lenny, Sergio Cremisini and friends tear it up just below "Baby Beach"on Maui's North Shore

After sailing 5.0 three days in a row and 4 of the last 5 days, my old body needed a "take pictures" rest day.

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I took a stroll down to Sugar Cove to see how big the waves were and if anyone good was sailing. While taking a few photos of windsurfers doing better than I could have done in those tough condition, a couple on the seawall invited me to join a photo shoot of some good sailors who would be in close to shore. They said it was a photo shoot for a video they were doing. They said it was "a short drive upwind" just below "Baby Beach." They took off in a cart. Not wanting to drive and in need of a walk, I took a short hike to "Baby Beach" to find them.

I took over 250 photos and these are a few of my favorites. These were taken between 12:45 and 2:05PM Maui time.

US-1112 Kai Lenny

US 7777 Sergio Cremisini

I wonder how big the waves were outside on the reef...

How windy was it? 20s and 30s.

Kanaha Beach Park Wind, just downwind of where the pictures were taken.

The Kahului Airport Wind Graph says it was gusting over 40

Indeed it was a good day to rest!

Camera: Nikon D60
Lens: Nikkor 55-200 VR
Photographer: Kirk Lindstrom
Date: March 30, 2010

Note: I had the VR off (not on purpose, but I sat on the ground and used my knees to steady my arms.)

After taking pictures, I thanked Martin Lenny for inviting me. He lives a few homes from the beach and his 17 yr old son Kai (US 1112) was one of the young gun professionals. No wonder Kai looked like he was playing in his backyard in difficult conditions, he really was! If you are interested in real estate, see

Weird Wave at Kanaha Hawaii

Between the waves named "Uppers" and "Lowers" at Kanaha Beach in Maui, Hawaii is a place appropriately named "Weird Wave." Locals advised me to avoid Weird Wave because if you fall in that area, you "may never get out."

The weird wave breaks at odd angles and comes up from nowhere. When I sailed towards the gap below Uppers where the normal waves there came straight at me or from the windward (starboard/right) this weird wave would seem to move upwind from my port (left) side. It is truly weird.

More Pictures of someone sailing Weird Wave