Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weird Wave at Kanaha Hawaii

Between the waves named "Uppers" and "Lowers" at Kanaha Beach in Maui, Hawaii is a place appropriately named "Weird Wave." Locals advised me to avoid Weird Wave because if you fall in that area, you "may never get out."

The weird wave breaks at odd angles and comes up from nowhere. When I sailed towards the gap below Uppers where the normal waves there came straight at me or from the windward (starboard/right) this weird wave would seem to move upwind from my port (left) side. It is truly weird.

More Pictures of someone sailing Weird Wave


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  2. The first time I ever went surfing was in Hawaii. I'd love to get back there and surf those beaches again. Maui Condos has some great options for homes.


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